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Mayrena Paris, des designs intemporels

Mayrena Paris, timeless designs

You often describe Mayrena as a timeless, intergenerational and even unisex brand. Indeed, the jewelry is created to fit everyone, whatever your age and style. Silver and vermeil have the advantag...
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Le Bauhaus, le règne du minimalisme

The Bauhaus, the reign of minimalism

I always wanted Mayrena to reflect my inspirations and my passion for design. In order to create a very particular universe, I was inspired by many people, styles and artistic movements. Bauhaus i...
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Que signifie le nom Mayrena Paris ?

What does the name Mayrena Paris mean?

Many of you are interested in the origin and history of Mayrena and ask me where this name comes from. So today, I explain you its origin! 1. Mayrena, a family story Mayrena is first of all a fam...
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Un bracelet en forme de fer à cheval

A horseshoe-shaped bracelet

1. An ever-present equestrian inspiration I have always had a special attraction for jewelry. As a child, I made rings and bracelets out of pearls and electronic cables that I stripped to keep on...
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Pourquoi nos bijoux ne sont-ils pas soldés ?

Why are our jewels not on sale?

As you probably already know, the sales period started a few days ago. Many small designers don't have sales, I'll explain why we made this choice to sell at the right price all year round. 1. Sa...
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Bague l'Intégrale

How to know your ring size?

Many of you don't know your finger size and we know that it's never easy to order a ring online without being able to try it on. This article is also for all men who want to give a gift to their pa...
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