How to know your ring size?

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Many of you don't know your finger size and we know that it's never easy to order a ring online without being able to try it on.
This article is also aimed at all men who want to give their partner a gift and don't know how to go about it.
Don't panic, here is our little guide to know which size to choose in a few minutes.

1. How do you calculate your finger size?

European ring sizes correspond to finger circumference. A size 52 therefore indicates that the finger has a perimeter of 5.2 cm.
⚠️ However, a tape measure or a strip of paper are not the right solution, because they lack precision and it requires extreme agility that cannot be achieved with these tools (although we tried). Everything depends on the millimeter!

So, we have selected for you 4 methods

to find out your ideal ring size:


Measure, using a ruler, the inside diameter of your roundest ring (so as not to distort the measurement) and refer to the size chart below to determine your exact ring size.
The difference between two sizes is 0.3 mm, so we have to be patient and careful not to make a mistake! Guide-des-tailles-bagues-UK-EU

Certainly the most reliable method, you can also go to a jeweler who using a triboulet or a ring sizer will give you your exact size.

There are adjustable and reusable ring sizers, for sale in particular on Etsy, like this one. Simply roll it up and pass the end through the slot. Adjust it to your finger, and note the measurement indicated, which corresponds to your size. It's a 46 in the photo.

If you own a ring from French houses like Cartier or Hermès, your size is generally engraved inside.Make sure that the finger you wear it on matches the finger on your new ring.


2. What to do if you are between two sizes?

It should be kept in mind that fingers can swell with heat, the seasons and sometimes even within the same day.

To do this, you must trust your feelings and choose the ring size in which you feel most comfortable. There must still be a little resistance when you try to remove your jewelry to prevent the ring from turning or falling on the joint. But if in doubt, always choose the largest size.
We generally have one hand (if we are right-handed or left-handed) which is stronger than the other, and which can be one or two sizes apart .


3. Choose your double ring size

Are you falling for a double ring? Our rings are made to be worn on the ring finger and middle finger so as not to hinder any movement of the fingers. To find out your size, simply refer to the size of your ring finger or middle finger and our size guide below, present on each product page.

XXS: ring finger of 48/49 and middle finger of 50/51
XS: ring finger of 50/51 and middle finger of 52/53
S: ring finger of 52/53 and middle finger of 54/55
M: ring finger of 54/55 and middle finger of 56/57
L : ring finger of 56/57 and middle finger of 58/59


In any case, delivery and returns are free if, despite all these tips, your ring is too small or too big.

To try our jewelry, you can go to one of our resellers. Go to this page to find the one closest to you.
To ensure that the jewelry you want to try is present there, do not hesitate to contact them directly.

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