Why should you choose a vermeil jewelry instead of a gold-plated one ?
What justifies a higher price?
We explain it all to you. 

1. They are more valuable

The vermeil jewels are made of precious metals only. Their base is composed of 925 silver covered with 5 microns of 18 carats gold. While gold-plated jewels are made of brass covered with copper and 3 microns of gold, sometimes 14 carats.
18 carat is more valuable than 14 carats because it contains more gold.
Pure gold equals 24 carats. 

2. They are more resistant to friction and impact

The minimum thickness of the plating for a vermeil jewel is 5 microns like all our creations. They are plated in our Parisian workshop working for the most famous brands.
Laser tests are performed after each plating to certify the minimum gold layer.
While the thickness of a gold plating is 3 microns and is not always respected.

3. They are heavier than gold-plated jewelry

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc while 925 silver is heavier and denser.
The weight of silver is therefore more comfortable to wear. 

4. They are hypoallergenic

Silver 925 and 18 carats gold are non-allergic metals, they do not cause allergies and do not react with the skin unlike brass which can cause a greenish deposit. 

5. In short, vermeil is more resistant over time

The higher quality and improved sustainability make vermeil products a cut above brass plated jewelry.