A ring inspired by a stirrup

Une bague qui s’inspire d’un étrier

Have you already noticed that the Unusual was inspired by the equestrian symbol of the stirrup?
Whether you are a fan of horse riding or not, I will explain the inspiration for this ring.

1. What is a stirrup for?

The stirrup attaches to the saddle. It allows the rider to gain support when riding a horse and therefore to maintain good balance. Without it, it is almost impossible to jump the slightest obstacle without being thrown off track.

2. How to put it on?

The Insolite is part of my collections of equestrian jewelry, it is a playful and surprising ring. It uses the mechanism of a Chinese puzzle with its moving link which accompanies each of our movements. I was inspired by jewelry that I loved much when I was younger with this idea of ​​movement that reassures and that we wear like a charm.

To put it on, simply slide its link into the gap in the main part of the ring.


3. The unusual, for which woman?

L’Insolite is the perfect ring for all women who love and look for designs that are both original and minimalist. Women who want to assert themselves through their style and their accessories.
“The unusual is inseparable from love, it presides over its revelation” – André Breton

Will you choose the Unusual?


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