Caring for your vermeil and silver jewelry

Entretenir ses bijoux en vermeil et en argent

Silver and vermeil are maintained in the same way. For what ? And how?
We explain everything to you on how to take care of your Mayrena jewelry and preserve it as best as possible.

Vermeil is a precious metal. It is composed of a 925 silver base covered with 5 microns of gold, minimum 18 carats, by electrolysis bath.

When the jewelry is not worn, ithe silver base may oxidize over time and the presence of sulfur in the air. This is why you can maintain your vermeil jewelry in the same way as silver jewelry.

Discover our best advice:

1. Protect your jewelry from oxidation

To protect it from oxidation, when you are not wearing it, store your jewelry in its pouch Mayrena, after cleaning it with a soft cloth.
Why? Quite simply to protect its silver base from the natural reaction of this metal with air: oxidation. This can cause a slight black deposit over time, which in any case can be cleaned very easily.

2. Clean your jewelry if necessary

To remove oxidation stains that form over time on your jewelry, you can use:
– toothpaste (which is in fact the equivalentnt of toothpaste polish),
– a classic silverware product like cthis one that we use,
– u
dochamoisine for money cant also be very practical, because it is the cheapest and easiest of use!

For toothpaste:
– Put a dab on your finger,
– Rub gently to remove oxidation stains,
– Then remember to rinse your jewelry well and dry it with a soft cloth after cleaning,
– Then store it in its pouch if you do not do not wear.

Here it is like new, it shines brightly again!


3. Avoid contact with aggressive products

Remember to remove your vermeil jewelry before using your hydro-alcoholic gel, your household products or your perfume. Palso remember to remove them before playing sports or going to the swimming pool.
In fact, aggressive products, very acidic and chemical, attack and alter the vermeil layer of your jewelry.

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  • Bonjour, je voulais vous remercier pour le conseil du dentifrice, ça fonctionne vraiment ! J’avais deux paires de boucles d’oreilles avec bcp de traces brunes et pas moyen de les nettoyer (savon doux, vinaigre dilué, chiffon doux,…) et avec le dentifrice tout est quasiment parti, merci beaucoup !!!


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