Portrait of Alexandra, a young jewelry designer under 30: successes & challenges


We wanted to return to the atypical journey of Alexandra, the creator of Mayrena Paris. She managed to combine her passion for jewelry and horses, which she has cultivated since childhood, and her attraction to design and contemporary art from the Nordic countries, by launching Mayrena Paris in 2019.

Return to the journey of a young 27-year-old entrepreneur.

Mayrena Paris créatrice bijoux

1. What was the trigger that allowed you to launch Mayrena Paris?

" It really clicked when I returned from Rotterdam to Paris. I lived there for 2 years. I developed my entire network of clients as a freelancer in the furniture design industry.
I also started to produce and sell to those around me one of my very first jewelry models, created in 2015: L 'Origin.
When I returned to France in 2019, I wanted to continue my freelance status, because I liked the diversity of the missions. While taking the time to recreate a Parisian network, I decided to expand the jewelry range and push the project further."


2. What were your doubts, your fears and how did you manage to overcome them?

“ Doubts and fears accompanied me throughout the development of Mayrena Paris. I regularly question the manufacturing process, how can it be improved? But also the evolution of Mayrena: what directions should we take?

There are high moments, when you are progressing at 300% and you don't have time to worry about what's next, when sales are doing very well and are well above your expectations. expectations.

And then, moments of doubt, often triggered by calmer months, management, manufacturing or other problems.

The feedback and messages from my customers are really what helps me surpass everything else. I very regularly receive messages of thanks and compliments on the creations. It gives me the energy to continue and move forward.”

3. What are your main sources of inspiration?

“ When I wasn't even two years old, my father was already putting me on a horseval. I grew up with this equestrian aesthetic. The words, the buckles, all these metallic elements fascinate me with their simplicity and the way in which they dressed the horse.
My studies in product design in Belgium and my various jobs in the Netherlands developed in me this very minimalist aesthetic of “less is more”.

4. What are your next personal and professional challenges?

“ Improving quality, setting up a short circuit, on-demand production and integrating stone into my designs are four challenges that I am currently facing.
The more I advance in the jewelry industry, the more I meet different players and know-how. I would like to extend my network even further to be able to offer gold jewelry of high quality and durability, made on demand, by young French artisans.

5. Have you always been attracted to entrepreneurship?

"No, not really. It came very naturally. I never thought that I would one day want to create my own brand and business. But growing up, those around me were quite supportive and supportive by wearing my creations and promoting them to their own entourage.
And then I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, so it’s true that all this helps to get started."

Mayrena- creation-bijoux-made-in-France

6. What makes you most proud today?

May the brand be appreciated and worn by several hundred women.
Let some of them come back and buy the new models.
And that the brand is present in prestigious places such as the Louis-Vuitton Foundation and Printemps Haussmann.

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