A horseshoe-shaped bracelet

Un bracelet en forme de fer à cheval

1. Equestrian inspiration always present

I have always had a particular attraction to jewelry. As a child, I made rings and bracelets from beads and electronic cables that I stripped to keep only the metal part. I spent my time diverting horse bits to make bracelets or belt buckles, drawing inspiration from this equestrian world which still inspires me today. I then sold them on the beach in the summer with a cousin to make a little pocket money.


2. “All art has its origins in an exceptional defect” - Maurice Blanchot

I named the bracelet “L’Origine” because this jewel is the one that launched the rest of the collection and gave me the impetus to create my brand. When I created it, I had no idea that it would be the starting point for Mayrena Paris. At that time, I had no predefined project or particular desire linked to entrepreneurship.

In 2015, while working on very minimalist wired kitchen tongs during my product design training, I found myself with a scrap of brass metal. Due to the rigidity of the ends of the material, this rod, once shaped, looked more like a horseshoe than the shape of a classic bangle that I intended to give it. When I put it on, I realized that it worked very well as a bracelet open to the outside! From this error the Origin was born.

I then reworked this bracelet to make it a double bangle, in the shape of a slightly curved U, open on the side, to give it the best ergonomics and the impression of lightness that characterizes it.

Both design and elegant, the Origin dresses the wrist and reveals it. It can be worn alone or stacked, placing the opening on one side or the other of the wrist. It comes in two sizes, tightens and adapts easily to the wrist.

3. A bracelet 100% Made in France

The Origin is first shaped by Alexandra herself in her workshop in Normandy before being plated by one of the best French craftsmen in galvanizing.

In summary, the L'Origine bracelet is an elegant design, French and responsible production and the assurance of making a lasting and timeless gift that is sure to please.
Thanks to its simplicity, the Origin has also been available for men, only in its silver version.

4. In vermeil and silver

Always in this idea of ​​timelessness and durability, the Origin is available in vermeil and silver, two precious materials which make it a perfect gift to give for all occasions!

What is vermilion? The vermeil is composed of a 925 silver base covered with 5 microns of gold (which is equivalent to 18 carats) thanks to an electrolysis bath.

925 silver is a guarantee of purity and quality. Silver does not deteriorate over time and is the guarantee of true durability.

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