First of all, your ear-cuff matches your right or left ear depending on the model you ordered.

1. Take it in your hand so that the longer side of the loop that should wrap around your lobe is down. And the opening to your ear.

2. Pass it at the top of the ear then slide it, it may be necessary to enlarge the opening of the ear-cuff so that it can pass well where the ear widens.

3. Then let it position itself according to the shape of your ear. If it doesn't fit well, the opening will need to be tightened.

4. To remove it, repeat the opposite movement to make it go up along your ear.

If you need more information to be able to tighten or loosen the ear-cuff to fit your ear, do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@mayrena.fr.

How to put on the "La Virtuose" earcuff?

How to put on the "Shell" earcuff?