What does the name Mayrena Paris mean?

Que signifie le nom Mayrena Paris ?

Many of you are interested in the origin and history of Mayrena and ask me where this name comes from. So today, I’m explaining its origin to you!

1. Mayrena, a family story

Mayrena is first and foremost a family story. Perhaps you have already come across the Mayrena Hotel website instead of mine? This is the hotel created by my big sister Aurore. We both founded our companies at the same time, strongly inspired by the name of our father's company which is also called Mayrena... We can say that the circle has come full circle!

The Mayrena Hotel is located in Eu in Normandy, the town where I grew up and spent my entire childhood. Eu is a small Norman town located on the border between Picardy and Normandy, on the coast. A stone's throw from Mers-Les-Bains and Le Tréport, where the landscape is shaped by cliffs, pebbles, and nature.

The Mayrena Hotel is the former station hotel, attached to it and therefore very practical for spending a few days in the region. A year of work was necessary to resurrect the old station hotel, modernizing it while retaining the charm of its exterior facade. The Hotel now has its own bar and restaurant which make it a super warm and welcoming place to live!

Mayrena is also an old family name, since forgotten, which represents our Spanish roots and therefore once again this true attachment to our family history.

The name Mayrena evokes femininity for me with its Latin sounds which almost make me think of an Italian or Spanish first name and embody a woman who is strong and gentle at the same time. I like how easy it is to pronounce in all languages, which makes it a universal name!

2. Made in Normandy

Mayrena creations are inspired by the equestrian world, which is also a family passion. When choosing the name of the brand, it was obvious to me to choose one that brought together these different aspects.

I grew up surrounded by horses and equestrian competitions in which my family participated. I have always been fascinated by strong equestrian symbols such as the horseshoe, the bit or the stirrup. Today, I still have my workshop in a cubicle at my dad's house and I come back regularly to make your bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and custom orders.


Normandy is a place that soothes me, recharges my batteries enormously and nourishes my creativity thanks to its incredible landscapes and colors.

PS: If you are not familiar with the equestrian world, here are some explanations:

  • The horseshoe has a rounded shape. It protects horses' hooves. It is also a lucky symbol that many hang above house doors.
  • The horse bit is a piece of harness that is slipped into the horse's mouth to direct it and control its speed.
  • Finally, the stirrup allows the rider to gain support when riding a horse and to maintain good balance.

There you go, you now know everything about the origin of Mayrena!

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