Discover the very first Mayrena Paris reversible jewelry collection. Reversible because each piece of jewellery reveals itself in two different ways.

The production is handmade. And Mayrena’s bracelets, necklaces and rings are modern and geometric.


First of all, Mayrena designs her own jewelry. The most important aspect of the process is the creation.

So it is by hand that she creates the first models in her workshop.

In this way, Mayrena shapes the wire as a designer would bring her design to life. It is thus by the constraint of the material that a minimalist and pure design emanates. This allows her to return to the very essence of the jewel.

Then, she materializes them in 3D. All this after having the shape validated by several of the brand’s ambassadors.

Finally, it is a manufacturer in Picardy who takes care of the manufacturing in small series. Part of it, the majority of it is made in France in our workshops. Another part, abroad and in the manufacturer’s workshops in Picardy.

Thus, all the gold-plated jewels of Mayrena are made in France.

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