A jewel, a feminine character trait


Choosing a piece of jewelery is never random, it is the continuation of our personality, our style and often expresses a certain desire to assert ourselves.

When Mayrena was launched, I quickly realized that women of the same character often naturally turned to the same piece of jewelry.

Discover the meaning of Mayrena jewelry and find the one you need ✨

With its square design that can be worn on the finger or in the ear, breathes a real wind of freedom.
“Reverie is independence.” – Gerard Bauer

This ring invites all women to follow their desire and their intuition to learn to listen to themselves.
“Passion is the distraction of the heart.” – Vladimir JankélévitchBague-croisée-filaire-bijoux-français-article


This ring evokes the sensuality, softness and calm of a determined woman. It is built around the symbol of the circle and the square which recall harmony and stability.
Nothing is more sacred than the integrity of your spirit.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonBague-croisée-vermeil


Inspired by equestrian aesthetics and especially the stirrup, the Insolite evokes a playful and surprising personality. The sound of its link accompanies each of our movements.
The unusual is inseparable from love, it presides over its revelation.” – Andre BretonBague-equestre-vermeil

With its circular design reminiscent of the sign of infinity, the Attachante evokes gentleness and benevolence.
Only attach yourself to what you feel is nowhere else but within yourself.”André Gide



This ring seduces with its roundness and the presence of its design. It represents infinite love and eternity.
Love: the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” –Mark Twainbague-double-design

Which symbolizes strength and courage and allows every woman to assert and distinguish herself through her strength and determination.
Whatever you dream of doing, start it. Boldness has genius, power, magic.” – Goethe


With its rounded curves, it suggests a generous, dedicated and passionate personality. It combines originality with the simplicity of a refined design.
A virtuoso makes us hear music not as it is written, but as he feels it.” – Jean Cocteau


Born from an 'error', from a metal scrap, the Origin represents the beginning of the Mayrena adventure and reminds us that everything has a beginning
All art draws its origin from an exceptional defect.” – Maurice BlanchotBracelet-jonc-minimaliste

With its imposing curves, the Authentique reflects integrity and sincerity. This cuff invites you to reveal yourself and fully accept yourself.
“Any authentic creation is a gift for the future.”Albert CamusManchette-made-in-france

A cuff with square and structured shapes that represents grounding and rigor. It encourages the development of determination and self-assurance with its sculptural dimension.
“Perseverance is the nobility of stubbornness.”Adrien DecourcelleManchette-minimaliste-vermeil

With its minimalist and imposing design, the Éveil reveals feminine curves. It invites self-knowledge and discovery.
“Dreaming of life is precisely what I call: being awake.” – NietzscheCollier-filaire-vermeil

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