10 tips to launch your jewelry brand

10 conseils pour lancer sa marque de bijoux

Launching my brand has not been easy. The testimonies of people I met in the fashion and jewelry industry really guided me in my choices and helped me a lot to develop my brand. Now, with the insight of these last two years, it’s my turn to share my advice and observations.Mayrena-bijoux-design-créatrice-portrait

1. Having a creative approach, but not only

If you’re coming from an artistic background like I did, I really recommend joining an incubator. The objective of the training is to teach you the basics of business development:

Which business status to choose?

How to position yourself on the market by analyzing the competition and threw a benchmark?

How to create a cash flow plan and a business plan?

How to price your products in relation to your cost price?

How to sell and develop your brand (emailing campaign, calling, pitch, etc.) by training you live?

And many other tips that the PEPITE HESAM ENTREPRENDRE and SCHOOLAB at STATION F have given me. The sharing of knowledge and problems similar to each entrepreneur was also a great help.

2. Surround yourself with the best partners

Finding the manufacturer who will allow you to develop your project is not an easy task when you are young (I was 24 at the time) with little experience and when the brand is under development. You have to reassure them, show them that you have ambitions and make sure you get the right information before showing them that you know what you’re talking about so that you don’t get taken in.

Personally, I didn’t find it right away. I came across a first manufacturer who did not respect the quality he had committed himself to. After several customers returns and tests with laboratories, I managed to prove him that what he sold me did not respect the “gold plated” designation and to be compensated and to compensate my first customers.

I had other similar experiences with manufacturers who sell very well and give you a good impression at first and once they return the work poorly done, discredit you by telling you that you have only two years of experience, that you know nothing about it or that you are not Hermes and therefore do not have to ask for such quality. But that’s what he was selling : excellent know-how and the price that goes with it.

To avoid this kind of experience, the best thing to do is to trust your manufacturer from the start and establish a contract with him.Fabrication-mayrena-presentoir-ear-cuff-bague-article

3. Protecting your creations

The idea is not necessarily to do it in order to attack any brand launching similar creations because honestly when you are a young brand, you hardly have the budget to afford this kind of trial.

I advise it more because other brands can attack you. So it can happen that on designs as minimalist as mine for example, some brands have released just after or at the same time similar designs. Fortunately, a video posted on youtube in 2018 allowed to legitimize my creations face to another designer. A design registration at the INPI is not always mandatory even if I advise it. If you don’t have the budget at first, a solo envelope online at 15 euros on the INPI website or sharing content on social networks such as Youtube is also possible.


4. Listening

Feedback from other designers from the field you are entering is essential! There are so many choices to make when building your brand. And every decision you make will guide your development. It’s hard to go back once you’ve started. I think about the materials you use, the designs you want to develop first, the choice of suppliers, etc.

You have to be curious, to contact other designers and talk to professionals.

If you are interested in what they are doing, they will always be happy to share their experiences.

I also think that you have to listen to the feedback you get and that’s why you have to confront your creations to your close circle. Not necessarily to have an opinion on the aesthetics, but especially for the comfort, the development of sizes or other aspects.

5. Beingpresent at trade fairs

Even though it’s quite a budget when you’re starting, trade shows are super important. It’s what can actually make the brand known. The Première Classe show allowed me to have retailers all over France and to be sold to the Fondation Louis-Vuitton and Printemps Haussmann for example.Presentation-mayrena-collection-argent-vermeil

6. Be independent

Because it is very hard at the beginning to set challenges for yourself and to be your own boss. That’s why joining an incubator can give you a rhythm at the beginning.

7. Be self-taught

You will be confronted with many issues that you have never faced before. In such circumstances, your best friend will be Google or Youtube. I taught myself a lot of things like how to create a website on WordPress. And all that, thanks to Youtube tutorials. That’s really important when you start and you don’t have anyone above you to teach you his know-how.Dessins-design-bijoux-créatrice-article

8. Being multi-task

At the beginning, it’s hard to hire. You find yourself on all fronts : communication, marketing, product development, customer support, and of course the creation of new collections. You have to divide your time well to prioritize what will really develop your brand.

9. Knowing how to delegate

Even though it’s hard to hire, there are some things we need to delegate to free our time. It’s easy to find interns when you’re starting out, to help you with social media development or marketing.

10. Be patient

Unless you raise money, it’s said that it usually takes 3 years to pay for yourself, and if that doesn’t happen, it’s better to stop.

The profits you make are usually immediately reinvested to develop the brand and increase the capacity of the product stock. It is therefore very difficult to make money at the beginning. It is better to be patient and have other sources of income.Bague-double-audacieuse-manchette-dessin

So, don't wait any longer, get started, surround yourself and share your passion!


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