Why are our jewels not on sale?

Pourquoi nos bijoux ne sont-ils pas soldés ?

As you probably already know, the sales period started a few days ago. Many small designers don't have sales, I'll explain why we made this choice to sell at the right price all year round.

1. Sales, a French concept

Sales appeared in France in 1830 with the opening of the first “novelty shops” with Simon Manoury who for the first time decided to liquidate his stocks from the previous season at a lower cost. The French immediately adhered to the concept and the brands, for economic reasons, were delighted to be able to dispose of their surplus stock.

Fun fact: when Simon Manoury decides to sell his store, it is bought by a certain Boucicault who will make it the current Bon Marché!

2. Sustainable creations at the right price

Our main objective at Mayrena is to develop our creations at a reasonable price while fairly remunerating our workshops as well as each intermediary.

Thus, we do not wish to "sell off" our creations and prefer to offer you promo codes throughout the year to allow you to treat yourself and adopt a more responsible mode of consumption.

3. Timeless, minimalist designs

Mayrena's DNA is to create vermeil and silver jewelry in a very minimalist style that accompanies you from morning to night at all times of your life. Our jewelry is designed to last and stand out. You like: their original design, their quality and their precious materials.
They appeal to all ages and match all styles. They come to start your jewelry collection or often complete it.


4. Support French crafts

Creating a collection and a model requires time, precision, patience and numerous quality tests.
It passes through the hands of different trades: from the manufacturer who takes care of the molding to the plater who takes care of adding the 5 microns of gold to the silver undercoat. Treating yourself to Mayrena jewelery at a fair price means supporting French craftsmanship and young French designers.

5. The choice of raw materials and manufacturers

The silver we use for the base of the jewelry is 100% responsible and is RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certified, as is our Thai workshop.
This label is a real guarantee:

  • quality
  • durability
  • respect for workers in manufacturing workshops

In short, jewelry is durable, at the right price, all year round and not just during the sales period. That way, you are winners all year round and not for a few weeks a year.

(To learn more about the RJC label, go here)

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