La virtuose, our earcuff


La Virtuose in vermeil or silver is Mayrena's best seller.

“I haven't taken off my Virtuose ear-cuff since I received it. A strong piece, design and of super quality, I have nothing but compliments! Thank you Mayrena”

“Reversible rings know how to re-enchant us and ear-cuffs are modern and hot!”

“I gave the ear ring to my girlfriend, she loved it and so did I. It's an original model that makes my darling even more unique.”


1. What is an earcuff?

The earcuff is a very practical ear piece since you don't need to have your ears pierced to wear it. Just slide it over the top of your ear to dress up a pretty outfit! It is also called ear cuff or faux-piercing. It's kind of like the modern clip-on earring.



2. A unique design

La Virtuose, with its rounded design, suggests a generous, devoted and passionate personality. It combines the originality and simplicity of a refined jewel.

It dresses the ear perfectly and adapts in different ways depending on your morphology.

Its concept: two jewels in one. It gives the impression that you are wearing two earrings, when in fact it is one and the same piece. Which gives it a little punk side.
La Virtuose is available in vermeil and silver in two different diameters: 2 and 2.5 mm.
You often ask us which diameter to choose… It all depends on what you like to wear and if you want something very daring on the ear or a finer jewel.

It exists for the left and right ear. Again, we advise you to choose your earcuff according to the way you like to do your hair dressed, or according to whether or not you have piercings.


3. A flagship creation, made in France

Both minimalist and original, this jewel is suitable for everyone and can be worn for any occasion. Its refined side gives it an androgynous style.
It makes you feel unique and reveals all faces (even more in summer with a nice tanned complexion).
Like all Mayrena creations, La Virtuose is an ethical jewel Made in France!
Its base is made in Thailand, in our RJC-certified workshop. It is then plated in Paris with one of the best specialists in galvanizing.

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