Mayrena Paris, timeless designs

Mayrena Paris, des designs intemporels

You often describe Mayrena as a timeless, intergenerational and even unisex brand. Indeed, the jewelry is created to fit everyone, whatever your age and style. Silver and vermeil have the advantage of going with all outfits and being worn for all occasions!

1. Inspiration that comes from design

To create a collection, I am inspired by architectural lines of various movements like Bauhaus, but also Art Deco. I like to mix inspirations and let myself be guided by creativity, but also by the lines of the body to create jewelry as beautiful and original as pleasant and easy to wear. Also, it's a great success when you tell me that you find the double rings comfortable for example, because it's a real challenge when I have to draw them in 3D and imagine them on the body before sending the drawings to the manufacturer! 

2. Timeless jewelry created to last

Today, timelessness and durability are really key. I want to imagine models that you will never get tired of, that are not a simple fashion effect and that we forget the past season. Jewelry is a real symbolic object that reminds us of a person, a memory, a precise moment in our lives, in short, objects that we cherish and keep.
I am thinking in particular of family jewels that are passed on from generation to generation and that form a real heritage.

3. Passion for beauty and pretty things

Part of my job is also to promote the creation, the craft, to deliver you how I work and how are made each of your jewels. Behind a single piece of jewelry are different trades, which we are not necessarily aware of with the fast fashion and its drifts that tend to dehumanize all these trades ... Creating a collection, and even a single piece of jewelry takes a lot of time, whether it is the design phase on my side, but also the design of prototypes, the back and forth with the manufacturers to ensure that everything is perfect! Indeed, I have at heart to offer you jewelry with a unique design, but also of a real quality. For that, we check each jewel at its reception, but also at its sending.

In short, Mayrena is jewelry with clean lines, worked designs that remain minimalist and accessible to all and a quality as impeccable as possible.

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