RJC label: Mayrena Paris, an ethical and committed jewelry brand.

Label RJC : Mayrena Paris, une marque de bijoux éthique et engagée.
After several years of research and testing, and in order to obtain the best possible quality, we have finally found a workshop and trusted suppliers who share all my values ​​and carry the RJC label. This is the case of one of our workshops, located in Thailand in Bangkok, country of jewelry and jewelry par excellence. This is where the rings and earcuffs are molded before being delivered to Paris.

Respect for human rights and working conditions, traceability, ethical and environmentally responsible manufacturing, we explain all the social commitment and environmental from Mayrena!

1. The RJC label in a nutshell:

This label was created in 2005 by an international non-profit organization, on the initiative of the major jewelry houses, which brings together companies and suppliers in the field of jewelry and jewelry. It regulates the exploitation of gold, silver, platinum and precious stones.

The Responsible Jewelry Council would like to:

  • promoting responsible jewelery
  • to ensure respect for ethical, social and environmental issues in this environment
  • adopt a code of ethics for the profession from supply chain to distribution
  • enable maximum transparency and traceability in the medium

More than 450 companies and suppliers in the field have received this certificate from the RJC following an internal and external audit.

2. What are the elements checked during the audit?

This audit lasts three years and checks:
  • the supply of the workshop, by ensuring that the metals and precious stones do not come from war zones or internal conflict like the diamonds which are called “blood diamonds”.
  • respect for the working conditions of employees, their health and safety
  • treatment and emission of waste to minimize pollution due to production

The entire chain from A to Z must respect ethical, social and environmental standards and not just one link in the chain: the workshop in question, but also their suppliers and subcontractors, from the extraction of metals to the sale of jewellery.

This RJC Code of Practice evolves every three years to ensure the standards are relevant to changes in society and the environment.


3. How is the creation and manufacture of a Mayrena piece of jewelry going?

  • 1. Design
  • It all starts with the creative stage. I imagine and design each jewel using 3D software after or before doing the first tests with the material. This allows me to imagine its rendering on the body and to think of it as a real design object.

  • 2. Prototyping
  • I then send these drawings, 3Ds, renderings and plans to my manufacturer. Following this, he sends me prototypes, often in brass or silver, so that I can test the jewel, its design and above all, its comfort.

  • 3. Test
  • I then show it to those around me to validate the launch. There may be several round trips between the first prototype and the final one.

  • 4. Pre-series
  • I prefer small quantities at the beginning, in order to produce as accurately as possible.That's why we often launch pre-orders, to always listen to your desires

  • 5. Tackling
  • As soon as I receive the silver jewelry, I take care of depositing part of it to be plated with 5 microns of gold at one of the best specialists in Parisian galvanization who also works for the large houses.

  • 6. Marketing
  • And finally, time for shooting and content creation to introduce you to the new creations.

    Mayrena creations are in gold and silver. Infinitely recyclable materials that can be melted and remelted without losing their shine. Each Mayrena creation is designed to last, accompany you for as long as possible and give you the strength and courage to assert yourself!

    Doing things well and better is one of my biggest goals for 2022, I would like to take an even more responsible and environmentally friendly turn and for that, a search for partners awaits me Again !

    See you at the start of the next return from holidays,


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