For its first edition, Mayrena Paris unveils the numbered jewellery collection REVERSIBLE, designed by Alexandra David.

Guided by the material in its most raw state and harmonizing it with the curves and curves of the body, the method she uses is very intuitive. With an assertive, accurate and modern gesture, Mayrena shapes the thread as a draughtsman would give life to his drawing.

Through the constraint of the material, a minimalist, raw and pure design emanates, allowing her to return to the very essence of jewellery. Mayrena brings it back to its fundamental definition.

From point to line, from square to circle: an androgynous allure.  She breaks the classical codes and breaks with the balance and traditional typology of a jewel. Indeed, the designer works on other possible ways that a jewel can exist on the body. She envisions it as a sculpture with a man or a woman as its base.

Each piece hugs the body shapes by redefining its contours. They offer a sensation of lightness and a feeling of balance on the body. As if they defied the law of gravity.

The REVERSIBLE collection offers the possibility to wear each piece of jewellery in one way or another according to one’s state of mind. They are 2in1 and offer two different designs.


From a piece of jewellery comes a silhouette. This collection is the embodiment of who we are with simplicity and authenticity. Where sophistication meets sensuality. It is a tribute to all the women aesthetes who inspired it. The minimalist, discreet and not opulent charm of its muses.


Our jewels are as durable as possible. They are controlled after each manufacture by the French Francéclat committee. This allows us to guarantee you the best quality of our products. A part of our jewels are plated in 3 microns gold, and another 5 microns.


The brand also undertakes to participate in reforestation. This is why for this first series, one piece of jewellery purchased is equal to one tree planted in Normandy.


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